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Three Important Lessons Parents Need To Teach Their Teenage Sons

1. Teach him how to express himself. In general, teenage boys tend not to be great communicators. This is because in most societies, boys aren't socialized to be as expressive as girls are. As parents, you need to open lines of communication with your teenage son by being non-judgmental and encouraging them to talk to you whenever they are stressed or need help.

2. Teach him about sex and sexual concent. Studies have shown that many parents don't talk to their sons about the importance of sexual concent. Additionally, according to reports, talking about sex in general is tabboo in many homes. Most teenage boys are expected to find their own ground when it comes to sex and know little about the importance of concent. Parents need to talk to their sons about sex, the importance of concent and not succumbing to peer pressure when it comes to sex. Establish an open line of communication with your sons so that they can honestly and openly talk to you about sex.

3. Nurture his gifts, skills and talents. While it is important to encourage your sons to excel academically, it is also important to encourage him to pursue his skills and talents. For example, if your son is talented in drawing or singing or is good in sports, encourage him to hone his craft. Teach your son the importance of having these productive hobbies that may someday become a great source of recognition or income.

What other lessons should you teach your teenage son?

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