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Man Narrates Why He Started Drinking At 13 And How Much It Has Affected His Life For Years

As the adage goes, a habit is a disease and at some, point parents let go of their kids. Left with no option, they give them the freedom to decide what suits them best until they decide to change their habits. David Ogot shares his experience in this.

David is the firstborn among five kids. He was raised in a well-off family which easily met their needs. During his puberty, he couldn't talk to girls so his friends advised him to drink alcohol and he started drinking and smoking at 13.

With time he had become a total addict and his life turned upside down. He would steal and even lie to his parents to get money for drinks. After high school, his parents suggested he goes to India to study and he did. After arrival, he didn't even apply for admission.

He continued drinking and smoking making life more miserable as days passed on. The parents continued sending him fees for 4 years but not once did he step his fee in class. He once tried committing suicide and his mom had to board a flight to India and everything came to light. He refused to go back home and the mom told her to stay till he decides to return.

With time he got tired and returned home where through his parent's connection he got several jobs but got sacked for his addiction. He got tired and that's when they took him to rehab where the late Caleb Ongira guided him till he accepted himself and decided to change.

He currently talks to those in drug addiction educating them on the lessons he has learned from experience and is the best teacher. His advice to anyone who hasn't tried is for them to keep off for it only ruins but never builds.

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