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Is Your Child In School Insured By The Government? This Is What You Should Know

|Photo Courtesy Of President Uhuru With Secondary School Students At The Statehouse|

Many parent's have their children in Public Secondary Schools without knowing the huge benefits they should be receiving while in school. On 13th April January, the Government signed a contract with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to offer an insurance package to students who only study in Public Secondary Schools.

The package, termed as "Edu Afya" is a unique comprehensive health Insurance Cover that cover's all student's in public secondary school provided that they are registered with the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) and are registered with the NHIF.

Benefit's Of "Edu Afya"

Your child is covered in both inpatient and outpatient hence they can access any type treatment contracted by NHIF in wherever they want without even paying any cent. The benefit's includes Medical drug's, CT-scan, Dialysis, Dental packages, Optical packages etc hence when your child falls sick and is registered with NEMIS and NHIF and is a Public Secondary student, he or she can be admitted to big Hospital's and access specialists in that cover.

One does not need to form Whatsapp Group's or even Harambees to do fundraising for a student as Edu Afya will pay everything.

In case your child passes on while in school, the parent is usually compensated with Ksh.100,000 as the last expense.

In circumstances where your child get's involved into an accident while in school, the student will be paid Kshs. 400,000 by Edu Afya provided that is a registered member.

Also, your child can be treated overseers after pre-authorization. This applies for diseases that cannot be treated within the country.

What You Should Do For Your Child To Get These Services;

Ensure that your child has a NEMIS number, and the Principal of the school has registered him/her and given a Unique Person Indentifier Number and a Student NHIF number.

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