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Extreme Parent-Child confusion

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A parent is someone who is fully capacitated to take care of a family.He is also a person who has sired children hence he/she is liable for providing for the children especially the basic needs. The kind of life a parent gives to their children is inversely proportional to the kind of life the child will give to their parents when they become aged and helpless. There is a point parents deliberately or un-deliberately fail to understand, that they take care of their children so that when they will be unable to provide for themselves either due to age or illness, children can return favour by chipping in and balance things out.

How does it feel to a parent who never took care of their children during the growth period to see them fully grown and succeful in life. How does that feeling of remorse hit in the parent. I guess it feels bad. That is the same way the feeling of neglect and abandonment hits in the mind of the child. Usually, children are regarded as assets by their parents, but this way apparently, the assets are regarded useless.

It is important to uphold and maintain the parent-child support as it increases family love and unity. A united family is more happy and stable. In the century we are living in, credit is given where due. Children should not forget their sacrificing parents when they become successful in life.

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