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Pregnancy period

Dear Men; Do Not Do These Things Once She Is Pregnant

Pregnancy is not an easy task both to the woman and her husband. This is the period where her moods constantly changes and the cravings starts kicking in. This is because she has another somebody growing inside of her.

For all caring men out there, below are some of the tips that you can use inorder to make the nine months of her pregnancy as enjoyable as possible.

1. Do not let her sleep so late at night.

Once your wife is pregnant she needs all the rest in the world. Inorder to make this happen, you need to make her sleep as early as possible. This is the time to kiss the late night movies you once shared bye bye. She needs to sleep as early as 8:30 p.m to get a good night sleep.

2. Make sure that she doesn't take any alcohol or smoke.

It is common sense that taking alcohol or smoking negatively affects the normal functioning of the human body. If any woman has been smoking or drinking before pregnancy, it is time to stop once she is pregnant. Alcohol and cigarettes affects the child's in her womb genetically. She may bear the child having certain deformities.

3. Do not let her do heavy chores.

Once your wife is heavy pregnant, it is time she stops doing some of the chores she used to do. It is time you get yourselves a maid to help you out. If a maid is beyond your budget, you can still help her out yourself she will deeply appreciate it.

4. Do not stress her out.

Even if she is in your throat, do not let yourself get into an argument with her. You need to understand the situation she is in and respond appropriately. Get her everything she wants and if you can't make her understand that you can't. Be always by her side giving her maximum support. Stressing her will led to her falling into depression which is not good for her health.

Do this things and your wife will love you even more cause they always need people to support them during this period.

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