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Ten Advices to Give Your Children When They Leave Home to Start Their Own Life

Many at times, young people make mistakes that could otherwise be prevented by just mere guidance and mentorship. Reaches an age when adult children feel the need to part ways with their parents, so as to begin their own free life, but just at the beginning, they mess up. Others to an extent of making their parents take responsibility for their mistakes. The problem however, may not even be the adult children, but perhaps their parents who never took time to talk to them on what they should expect and how to handle them. Don't regret not having given your adult children the best advice and mentorship when they leave home to begin their own live. Here are some of the most important advices you should give your adult children before they leave home to stay on their own, leave your custody or even get married:

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1.Failure is not final

Young people are usually overambitious especially when starting up projects or adventures. They expect nothing less than perfection and success and anything contrary to their expectations completely brings them down. What many young people fail to understand in the first place is that life is a journey of risks, and taking risks is very crucial in becoming successful, so it can't be avoided. At the same time, when you take a risk, you should hope for the best but expect failure too as the and product. But does this means you should stop everything and instead launch lamentations? No, because failure is not final.

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2.You Need to be Selfish to be Selfless

Another very important thing adult children need to know before leaving their parents or guardians custody, is that generosity has limits. They shouldn't be too generous to an expense of denying themselves. Children should learn to put I first, they you then them.


In life, the moment you lose focus, your chances of being successful begin fading away. It is therefore important to find ways to always keep yourself focused. Tell your adult kids the same words when they finally decide to leave home.

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4.No Need to rush

"God's time is the best" and "Patience pays" are some of the says you should use regularly when talking to your over ambitious adult children. They shouldn't be in a hurry to acquire or own anything anything.

5.Avoid Complacency

Another very important for the youth especially young people leaving their homes to start sole life is to avoid being complacent. They should keep working no matter how delayed they may feel their dreams are.

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6.No need to fit it

This advise will help your adult children avoid unnecessary pressures like investing in irrelevant activities just to try impress a group, their peers or events of the day.

7.Prioritise your Purpose

A very important advise too. When our children are leaving home to start their lives, tell them to prioritise their vision and missions in life. They shouldn't allow unnecessary distractions in their life.

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8.Life isn't easy

Generally and in relation to the first point, life is not a walk in the park. When adult children decide to leave home to start their own lives, they should expect challenges both avoidable and unavoidable. They should learn to deal with challenges and appreciate the little steps they make in life

9.Your mind will quit before your body

Tell your children that their thought have a very big role to play in shaping their future lives. They should therefore try to avoid negative mindset. Because once the mind shifts away from a vision, then the body would just be a ceremonial factor in that vision.

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Whether you are a parent or a big sibling or the individual young man leaving home, these ten advises would be very important for you. They would help you transverse through alot and still manage to live a more fulfiling life.

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