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Check out the number of kgs that Wahu Kagwi has added since having the baby

Wahu Kagwi is a doting mother to three adorable daughters. It's such a blessing to be a mother of three at her age. She is a very present mother to her kids and that's what each mother should do. She is married to a fellow musician, Nameless. Her and Nameless make such a perfect couple and most of all present parents to their three children.

Wahu Kagwi had her baby like two months ago and it's been bliss in her house since her kids can't get over their little sister. In as much as motherhood is very beautiful it comes with some challenges that most mothers won't really appreciate. One of the main challenge with Pregnancy and child birth is adding weight. Wahu is one of those mothers that add weight. She has talked of how she has added 20kgs since her third baby. She goes ahead to say she added 23 kgs with her first baby and 13 kgs only with her second baby.

Motherhood is amazing no matter the weight that comes with it.

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Nameless Wahu Wahu Kagwi


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