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Checkout This Cheaper way of Determining the Paternity of a Child Instead of Taking the DNA

Taking a DNA test is one of the most accurate ways of determining the paternity of the child. To some extent, taking a DNA is quite expensive and may involve a long process that consume so mach time. The reason why it is always so recommended is because it is 99% accurate. It involves the comparison of the DNA strands of the child and the parents. If the child belongs to them, the DNA strands are so mach alike and this give a very reliable information that can even stand in court of law.Many people always have a a question if it is possible to have any other test that can be used to determine the paternity of the child. The paternity of child can be determined through the blood test. Remember that there are only four types of blood group. One can only be in only one blood group, this being the case it is so mach possible to determine the match in them.

This is how it works, the test is first carried out to check the blood group of the mother and secondly that of the child. Remember that a child can only take his or blood group from the parent. For an example if the mother is blood group A and the father is blood group A, then the child can only be blood group A. If that child turns to be blood group B then it means the father is group B.

This paternity test do work but is not so accurate, this is because people share blood group and sometimes it may match. DNA always gives the best results because people never share DNA strands. Each and every person has it own unique DNA. Blood test is considered to be cheap since some hospital do it for free.

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