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5 Crazy Things That Happen to a Mother Hours After Birth

There is no greater feeling like a mother being able to safely deliver her baby. A baby is like a blessing to her mother. Various things happen on the first day a mother has delivered.

Here are five things that you must know:

1. Deliver the placenta

A mother’s job isn’t done after delivering the baby. During pregnancy, a placenta links the mother to the baby providing the baby with oxygen and blood. This comes some hours after the baby is born. Sometimes, it takes surgery to remove it. 

2. Getting stitched up

Not all moms are stitched after birth. The amount of tearing of the skin down there will necessitate stitching. This is a must thing for moms who deliver through C-section.

3. Rush of hormones

There are a lot of hormonal changes in a woman after birth, as new hormones are triggered. This is a normal experience as the body will be going through changes. 

4. Unexpected afterpains

Some mothers will feel unexpected pain when breastfeeding their newborns. This is because the uterus will be triggered to contract causing the pain. 

5. Milk doesn’t flow

Did you know doesn’t have milk immediately the baby is born? Well, there is a thick substance called colostrum in form of milk that is healthy for the newborn. It can take three days to a week for the milk to start flowing

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