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Taji Wajesus Receives A Thorough Beating After Breaking A Flask

Kabi Wajesus seems to be the strict and disciplinary parent. Kabi is a strong believer of the famous phrase that says Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Kabi is the famous digital Influencer and a You tuber. Kabi is the husband to Milly Wajesus and a Father to Reign Taji.

Today Kabi became angry at his son Taji after Taji broke the flask. Taji was holding the flask and playing with it and then suddenly he hit the flask so hard on the table that the flask shattered into pieces.

Kabi Wajesus rushed to the kitchen where he picked a cooking stick famously known as 'Mwiko' and gave Taji some few strokes. Kabi said that for Taji not to repeat breaking things in their house again, he had to learn through the hard way. Kabi Revealed that Taji had so far broken five flasks.

Taji really felt bad and he really cried. Milly took up his boy and told him that he had to learn not to break things. See Kabi's Instagram Stories below.

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