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A Woman Gives Birth To 9 Babies

A lady from Mali has surprised the world by giving birth to 9 Babies and all the babies are doing well according to Malian government. This is a very rare case and it has never been witnessed anywhere around the world.

Halima Cisse was flow by her government's Ministry of health to morroco to seek further medical attention where earlier it was believed that she was carrying septuplets. Though it is also uncommon thing to find women carrying septuplets to term successfully.

Morroco health ministry spokesperson said " we have no knowledge about a woman giving birth to a multiple babies" but on the other hand Mali's government through its Ministry of health have released a statement about the same.

The statement says that Cisse had given birth to five girls and four boys by Caesarean section. Confirming the news, Health minister of Mali Fama Siby told AFP "The mother and babies are doing well so far and they are due to return into the country in few weeks time," 

Initial ultrasound scans done by both morroco and Mali health facilities, had revealed that Cisse was carrying 7 babies but that wasn't the case after CS.

Fama also send a message of congratulations to all medical team who offered an assistance in the process. She said " congratulations to the medical teams of Mali and Morocco, whose professionalism is at the origin of the happy outcome of this pregnancy".

What a blessing to Cisse!

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