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How to live peacefully in a family

A woman is a very important person in the community and almost everyone depends on them.

My mother is always my hero in life and she inspires me alot due to her hardworking nature. During my life as a child upto now I haven't ever seen my father fighting my mother though some moments we normally notice some signs of disagreement between them.

Living under such peaceful family inspired me alot and I came to realize that violence against women not only distract the peace of women but also contribute to a bad generation in future. Remember your kids will grow up the way you bring them up and will always practice your behaviours as a parent.

A happy family will always come as a result of respect and love for everyone in the family and the community at large. A family where mother goes through different types of intimidation will never be called a happy family because mothers play a very important role in the family.

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