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Pregnancy period

Four things that you need to avoid when pregnant.

Recently, a research had related the consumption of various foods with problems regarding pregnancy. They may not necessarily cause extreme consequences like still birth or spontaneous abortions, but they can surely cause considerable discomfort both to the mother and the child. In this article, we want to see which food are these. They either should be shunned completely, or moderately consumed, based on their effects on the pregnant mother.

1. Alcohol.

Currently, there exists no set limit of alcohol that is safe for pregnancy. It is almost always harmful, both to the mother and to the baby. The baby usually do not have a proper brain development, in which case, the child is going to present with marked brain deficits. This is quite serious because any sort of brain damage that happens during the stage of brain development in a fetus rarely has a cure.

2. Junk food.

Junk food always have high calories, sugars and added fat. They could be sweet to the tongue, but ideally, they are not healthy for the pregnant. During pregnancy, a lot of nutrients is needed by the body. A balanced diet is paramount. Vegetables and whole grain is paramount. The added calories and fats predispose to unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy.

3. Unwashed produce.

Unwashed produce predisposes to bacterial infections. This is because, it always has picked up several microorganisms that will cause harm to the body. One is likely to suffer from cholera, shigellosis and many more causes of diarrhea.

4. Unboiled milk.

Milk, when taken unboiled is a great risk to the body. It has been associated with several infections, the most common of which is tuberculosis. This is because there is a strain of tuberculosis that affects cows and gets even to the milk it's self. This organisms can be killed through boiling. If milk is not boiled, one is in danger of this infection.

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