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City Lawyer Cries Foul As Niece Is Forced To Undergo HIV, Pregnancy Tests Before Admission To Form 1

City lawyer Steve has now taken issues with the Ministry of Education after his 13-year-old niece was forced to undergo HIV and pregnancy tests before admission to form one.

Through his social media page, the lawyer says that he was shocked after learning the tests were a requirement for all students joining form one at the said school.

The lawyer claims that the rights of his niece were violated since she was entitled to “consent and cancelling” before and after.

“I have learnt with extreme shock and anguish that my niece was forcibly tested for pregnancy and HIV as a precondition for admission. Did the Ministry of Education approve this?” he asked

“No matter the rationale, HIV testing cannot be conducted without consent and counselling, before and after. I am completely devastated to learn this” Ogolla added.

Steve now wants the Ministry of Education to clarify if such direction were approved by them or not.

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