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Morning Message; Bad News To All Pregnant Women As Experts Reveals Worrying Details About Covid-19

Covid-19 was firstly reported in Wuhan, China before spreading to other countries. Furthermore, many African countries are recording some postive cases.

Also our country is still recording more Covid-19 infections. Yesterday, our country recorded 404 cases. Furthermore, some patients are still admitted in hospitals.

According to the source, US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention have encouraged all women who are pregnant and those planing to become pregnant to get Covid-19 jabs as soon as possible. Furthermore, it has been reported that, those who are pregnant are at high risk of contracting serious illness or even die.

Furthermore, CDC revealed that less than 35% of pregnant women have received Covid-19 vaccines and high number have not received Covid-19 vaccines.

This comes in after our country have vaccinate more than 3 millions people. Unfortunately, some pregnant women have not received Covid-19 vaccines. These are bad news because some may end up being admitted in hospitals after contracting Covid-19 infections.

So every pregnant women should be responsible and get Covid-19 vaccines to reduce preterm birth. Always remember it is good to prevent than to cure. Covid-19 vaccines are effective and have been approved by WHO

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