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The Story Of This Young Girl Will Touch You Hear How His Father Has Been Mistreating Her

The story of this young girl has touched many Kenyans. She explains how she has passed through hard times in her family.

She explains how her father does not want to see her reading. She says that when he sees her reading he takes her books and throws them away, she says this has been a bigger challenge to her education.

She has shown the reporters scars all around her body of how her father has been mistreating her and beating her up in a very violent way, she calls upon for help as this is child abuse.

She also explains to the reporters how her father chases all of them including her mother with pangas away from home and tells them to go away. The young fellow has been passing through alot at her age, and this calls to all parents back at home that they should not abuse their children.

The government should also take charge of all this and put their strategies against these type of parents.

Content created and supplied by: Rosemary Likare (via Opera News )



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