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5 Baby Care Tricks That Every First Time Mother Should Know

Welcoming your first bundle of joy gives you the best feeling but also makes you anxious because you don't know what to do. When there is no one to direct you, you may find yourself doing things wrongly without knowing.

Below are things that first time parents should know for the safety of the baby:

1. Carrying the baby

Infants are usually very delicate and a lot of care must be taken to ensure they are safe especially when carrying them. You are supposed support your child's head and neck every time you carry them.

2. Taking care of the umbilical cord

This is usually the most sensitive areas during the early stages of the baby after being born. Always keep the umbilical cord area clean and dry all the time. Incase you notice a yellow smelly discharge, consult the pediatrician.

3. Putting on diapers

This is not a complicated task since most mothers learn how to do it very fast. However, there are simple mistakes that some of them make that could harm their babies. Ensure your hands are clean before changing your baby's diaper.

Ensure the diaper is below the umbilical cord stump all the time to give it a good environment to heal faster and ensure it is not hurt.

4. Putting baby to sleep

It is normal for a baby to be fussy and find it hard to sleep during the first days in the world because it is used to the womb environment which is dark and warm. After they are born they have to adjust to the new fluctuating temperatures and lighting. Always ensure that the baby is warm all the time

Also, light up the baby's room during the day by opening the curtains and dim at night to help the baby learn to differentiate between night and day. This will also help with making the baby have the right sleeping patterns.

5. Sleeping as a mother

First time mothers find it difficult to sleep because the baby may be awake the best part of the night. This makes them tired and grouchy, in this state they are not able to take care of the baby well. A mother should therefore sleep every time the baby sleeps. This helps them feel fresh and perform motherhood duties well.

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