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How to Overcome Your Childhood Traumas

According to the National Institute of Mental and Health(USA)defines childhood trauma as the experiences of an event by a child that is emotionally painfull or distressfull,which often results in lasting mental and physical effects.

The following are types of traumas ;

1.Acute trauma-this type of trauma results from single stressfull and dangerous events.e.g witnessing a gruesome accident or someone being murdered in your presence.

2.Chronic trauma-these are the repeated and prolonged exposure to highly stressfull events.e.g.child abuse,domestic violence or bullying in school.

3.Complex trauma-this entails exposurs to multiple traumatic events.

A study published in 2015 showed that those adults who may have experienced childhood traumas had a risk of developing health issues but the brain is ever changing and recovery is possible.


To be able to acknowledge your childhood traumas is one of the first ways towards healing.


if you let your traumas take control of your life,you might end up taking out your anger on everyone whenever you feel like.Therefore,patience is another virtue that you need in your artillary to overcome these challenges.


We have psycologists trained to handle such cases,church leaders,elders or even a close friend or confidant you can trust.But don't let the pain burn inside you because as the saying goes,a problem shared is a problem half solved and you would feel relieved after sharing your experiences.


What happened to you or the challenges you experinced in your past can not be undone now and its time to accept and make peace with your past.Do not blame yourself for them because they were experiences beyond your control and all you have to do now is replace your bad habits with good ones.

Thank you for your time and you may drop your comments about how you feel about the above topic.

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National Institute of Mental and Health( USA


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