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Dear Parents, This is What Your Sons and Daughters go Through While Trying to Cope up With Campus Life

It's the joy of every parent seeing their child grow up from early education to completing high school and finally joining campus. And it's way better when they finally graduate from campus. To most parents and a whole bunch of people,it may seem that campus life is easy to cope and deal with. But that isn't really the case. Truth of the matter is that most campus students pass through a lot of difficulties and it is at this stage where some of the best brains end up wasted and having little to offer.

Below are some troubles that campus students encounter :

1. Time management. Most students find it hard to balance out activities . When most people join campus,they get to experience this new wave of freedom. This means that they are their own stewards and get to make their own decisions as their parents are probably far from them.Most students tend to do the wrong things at the wrong time and procrastinating important things

2. Managing finances . Campus students easily run out of money and this is quite usual to most of them. They tend to overspend when they have money. But this isn't always the case some students really have inadequate funds to cater for all their needs hence they have to struggle to cope with the little amount they have.

3. Pressure to study. It's the joy of every parent to see their child succeed in studies as it they view this as a gateway to getting a nice career and living a good life. So most students go with the mentality of passing exams and not getting something constructive just to please their parents. Other students might put themselves under a lot of pressure just trying to perform well and this might come with negative impacts to them. It may lead to low self-esteem and while at this they might give up in their academics

4. Lack of a clear direction. Due to lack of supervision and directions from parents,most campus students will go with the crowd. Though sometimes they may take time to think over about the direction to take, the strong voice from around them is what wins.

5. Homesickness. New people and environment will tend to startle campus students especially those who are new. Home experiences and norms practiced at home together with family members and other friends from home might bring nostalgic feelings which may trigger a sense of withdrawal from normal schedules.

6. Poor feeding habits. This might be due to lack of enough funds or probably there isn't enough time to prepare a decent meal. Other times it's just lack of experience in planning for healthy meals.

7. Lack of clear goals at the end of the road. Most students find themselves working hard without amy specific goals that they want to achieve in life. They lack the vision to see what's ahead of them.

8. Trouble with making new friends.

9. Relationships.

10. Peer pressure.

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