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Infertility: 5 Things Men Should Avoid

Medical studies and global statistics show that the majority of males around the world are infertile or have insufficient sexual talents. The cause is probable, as it might be linked to several medical and social factors. Some of these factors are connected to the environment, the usage of hard drugs and substances, diseases and other issues.

We'll look at five crucial factors that contribute to male infertility and why they should be avoided in this piece. The following is a list of them.

1. Smoking and engulfing intoxicating beverages.

Studies have shown that cigarettes and alcoholic beverages hurt the male reproductive organ. These chemicals have the potential to injure your respiratory organs as well as destroy the spermatozoa, which are responsible for sperm production.

2. Infections and diseases caused by intimacy activity

However, medical research has revealed that transmitted infections including staphylococcus, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other related infections can seriously harm the reproductive systems of both men and women. There is a significant danger of sperm cell damage in men and infertility in the womb and fallopian tubes in women.

3. Harmful substances

Hard drugs and stimulants like heroin, cocaine, nicotine and others, like the previous point, can lead to the loss of reproductive organs in either gender. As a result, the aforementioned substances contain dangerous chemicals that can render a person impotent as well as kill him.

4. Excessive warmness in the testicles.

Excessive heat exposure to the testicles has been linked to infertility in men. According to research, heat-related issues including wearing impermeable pants to bed, as well as radiation or heat from computers and other electrical equipment, have been connected to men's sterility. These heat-related agencies play an important role in male impotency. When it's too hot, avoid putting on tight clothes.

5. Sugary foods in excess

Sugary diets can contribute considerably to male infertility. According to medical studies, once a man reaches the age of 30, he should substantially reduce his sugary food intake because it can potentially terminate his sexual life and ability to reproduce.

6. Testicular injuries

Testicular injuries should be treated as soon as possible. Men should use extreme caution when participating in sports that do not adequately preserve their testes, such as martial arts, cycling, and horseback riding.

7. Varicocoele

This is a condition in which the veins in the scrotal sack expand, raising the temperature of the testes and affecting sperm production and quality. This issue is often tested for and treated as part of a male infertility inquiry.

8. Age

It is completely incorrect that men can reproduce until their old years. Men's reproductive potential declines rapidly beyond the age of 35, as DNA in the nucleus fragments. Every year after the age of 40, the chances of a man fathering a child without genetic abnormalities decrease by 11%. Down Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Autism, and Klein felter Syndrome are much more common in children whose dads are above 50 years old.

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