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The Wajesus family Start Their New Year Splendidly With A Big Surprise

If you were brought up like i was, most probably in an african home, you would know how much it means to appreciate when someone has amazing news to share. My mum taught me to he happy for other people's success because then it somehow opens up doors for you as well. Not to sound superstitious but i believe in it 100%.

The Wajesus family are an online and very digitized family. They work as content creators which is actually paying so well that they keep moving from one milestone to another. While Milly was busy teasing people about being pregnant again, the family was busy preparing how to break the good news to their family. 'They are finally home owners'.

While to soo many people this might not mean as much, it is such a great deal to so much more people. The toiling and the hardwork that people put into buying land and then building a family home is not a joke.

Its a milestone and deserves a celebration.

While everyone is complaining of 'njaanuary', the Wajesus family full of joy showcased their new house worth millions proudly. They were most greatful to God for allowing them to be in this position as content creators. Their joy and that of their fans could not be concealed. Its truly a blessing.


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Milly Wajesus


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