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Pregnancy period

How Many Days After My Periods Can I Get Pregnant?

Safe days are the days in which you cannot be able to get pregnant even if intercourse occurred.

When you are calculating the safe days method you start from the first day you got your periods and not the last day you got your periods.

To be in a position to know how many days after your periods you can be able to get pregnant you must be in a position to know your menstrual cycle very well.

If your menstruations cycle is 28 days you can get pregnant after 10 days of your period. This is because you do ovulate on the 14th day and a man's gamete can be able to survive in your body for four days at most. So if you did intercourse on the 10th day and ovulation takes place on the 14th day most likely the sperm would be still alive in your body causing fertilization to take place.

When a lady ovulate she releases an egg and in case there is a male gamete in her body fertilization will take place. When a lady ovulate she is most fertile at this time that any other moment.

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