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The Main Causes of infertility in Men

Infertility in men is common problems that has hit many men in the world. There are some causes of infertility in men which rendered their reproductive organs unviable.

1. The STIs diseases including the chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause infertility in men if not treated at their early stage.

2. Physical damage or blockage of the male reproductive organs. Blockage of male reproductive organs including testicles and any other abnormalities that may cause sperm blockage may leads to infertility in men.

3. Genetic disorders inheritance. This is however rare but it comes following chromosomal disorder during mitosis process.

4. Autoimmune problems. In some cases the immune system of the body can mistakenly respond by targeting the sperm cells and therefore the immune system regarding the sperm cells as foreign cells and they may end up being destroyed.

5.The erectile dysfunction causes some psychological problems which may results to infertility in men.

Men should therefore be cautious about these causes of infertility.

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