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Pregnancy period

6 Reasons Why You Can't Get Pregnant

You've probably heard about the conspiracy: when you and your spouse are actively trying to conceive, you can't walk down the street without seeing smiling pregnant bellies.

Every time you turn on the television, there's another lovely little child in a Pampers commercial staring at you with his wide, soulful eyes. Even your neighborhood store appears to be on board with the scheme.

When you've been trying to start a family for a few weeks or months, you finally realize that fertility is difficult. Despite what your mother warned you as a teenager, it appears that one romp between the sheets is insufficient to generate a child. By now, you've probably heard about the well-publicized variables that can make it difficult to conceive, such as birth control pills, smoking, and breastfeeding.

The absence of these elements, on the other hand, isn't always a guarantee of getting knocked up. There are occasions when there are underlying motives that we overlook. Today, we'll look at the top six things to keep an eye on.

1. Consuming an Excessive Amount of Trans Fats

There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats, but trans fats are the worst.

Organically occuring trans fats can be found in small levels in some dairy and animal products. The bulk of trans fats, on the other hand, are created in an artificial, industrial process in which hydrogen is added to vegetable oil, causing it to solidify at room temperature.

Not only can trans fats raise your LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower your HDL (good cholesterol) levels, but research show that they can also harm your fertility. It essentially prevents ovulation, which is simple math – no egg, no baby. As a result, attempt to restrict your intake of trans fat-rich meals including pizzas, chips, fried foods, and baked goods.

2. Exercising Excessively

Yes, exercise can boost your chances of becoming pregnant to some extent. Over-exercising, on the other hand? Not by a long shot. In fact, research show that exercising too hard can have the opposite effect on your reproductive cycle, reducing your chances of getting pregnant.

Female athletes, or just women who enjoy tough workouts, may not have the energy to maintain both vigorous activity and getting pregnant, according to studies. Nearly 3,000 female volunteers were studied, and it was determined that those who exercised every day or until they were completely exhausted had the highest chance of infertility.

3. Having a Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)

We all know that having a higher than normal BMI doesn't aid fertility, but did you realize that the same is true for having a lower than normal BMI? A woman's risk of infertility, preterm births, and ovarian dysfunction increases if her BMI is in the lower range. Eating disorders, which are frequently associated with lower BMIs, have also been demonstrated to disrupt a woman's menstrual cycle.

4. A stressed-out partner

If your partner is stressed, it could have an impact on your ability to conceive. Stress can lower the overall quality of his sperm, resulting in fewer sperm cells or possibly affecting the function of his swimmers, limiting how far or fast his sperm can travel. Furthermore, stress can have a negative impact on a couple's relationship. If your partner is under more stress than is deemed usual, he will be less likely to have the energy to engage in baby-making activities.

5. Using Inappropriate Lubricant

If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, be cautious about the lubricants you use. Commercial lubricants are known to inhibit sperm motility, making it more difficult for a man's swimmers to reach and fertilize the egg.

If you must use a lube, choose one with a pH level of 7.2 to 8.0, which has no effect on male fertility. Others contain calcium and magnesium, which are similar to the natural fluids found in our bodies. Natural lubricants such as vegetable oil and olive oil, as well as baby oil, have been proved to be safe and effective.

6. Failing to Recognize Your Fertile Window

It can be difficult to make accurate forecasts if your periods are irregular. But don't give up hope just yet, since technology can assist! Clue, Eve, Flo, and Period Tracker (all free on Android and iOS) can help you keep track of your menstrual cycle and calculate your fertile window more accurately.

There you have it: six frequently neglected variables that could be preventing you from becoming pregnant. Fertility may be difficult, but there are things you can do to boost your chances. Make a point of reviewing your lifestyle and determining which habits need to be modified. Best wishes.

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