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5 Reasons why women gain weight after childbirth

Motherhood may have you in raptures and be enriching but along with it come several new responsibilities, one of which is having a significantly altered routine that doesn’t seem to have any more ‘me-time’ slots. Let’s be blunt while caring for that (adorable) baby; you’ve been neglecting yourself. Gone are those days where your weight seemed to matter and the last time you brushed your hair is beginning to seem like an accomplishment.

If you have the additional responsibilities of doing household chores and cooking for your family, then more than anything else you probably want to sleep right now. But hey there, hold up! Postnatal weight gain is a universal problem amongst new mothers, and we have the top five reasons where you may be going wrong.

1. Sleep Deprivation

 Unless of course, your baby is that mythical unicorn that happens to sleep through the night, keeping tabs on the baby constantly throughout the night can leave you sleep deprived. A full night of blissful sleep may sound like a fictional fairy tale to new mothers, but a lack of sleep is associated with food cravings. And worse? Running on a measly hour or two of sleep, you aren’t going to be reaching for kale. It’s the unhealthy, high fat and high sugar treats you’ll be craving. Lack of a proper night of sleep plus junk food is the perfect combination to add those sneaky (not so) little pounds.

Possible Solution? Establish a healthy sleep routine for your baby should be your priority that would hopefully allow mommy to sleep for a minimum of 4 to 5 consecutivehours at night.

 2. Snacking On Your Baby’s Leftovers

Initially, as a mother still wet behind her ears, estimating the exact amount of portions your baby will consume throughout the day can be somewhat challenging. This would lead to an accumulation of leftovers every time your little one eats, which you probably wouldn’t want to waste. So you may very well end up eating those same leftovers, which aren’t only increasing your caloric intake but are also loaded with baby food simple carbs.

Possible Solution? Well for a start, to stop eating baby food may be a good idea. Eventually, however, try to figure out sufficient portion sizes for your baby.

3. Having To Sit For Too Long

During those initial six (or maybe seven) months after your baby has arrived, let’s be real, most of your day is spent sitting or cuddling your baby to sleep. I know, how could you not? But this is a rather extreme decline in the daily physical activity your body is accustomed to, which can lead to you gaining weight.

Possible Solution? Despite all the commotion caring for a brand new life can have on your routine, try to devote at least 30 minutes of your day daily, doing any exercise of your choice. Alternatively, you could also shoot two birds with one stone and do a household chore that demands a lot of physical activity instead.

4. Having A New Higher Caloric Intake

 During your pregnancy, you were restricted to eating healthy for baby and now you probably crave some high salt crisps or maybe even a simple sugary soda this summer afternoon. However, as harsh as it sounds, the reality remains that these cravings are only adding extra bulk to your already compromised figure.

Possible Solution? Try to have a healthier diet full of raw vegetables, oats, fresh fruits, lean meats, eggs and wholesome smoothies.

5. Losing Your Self Motivation

 We get it. Just like a student furiously revising the night before the exams, you too as a new mother has started to look at the twenty fours in a day as cruelly too little. Despite this, every time you begin anew with a healthy diet and exercise plan, you expect a quick and miraculous transformation.

The sad truth is (and stop waving that magazine with the newborn mother and her ripped abs at us!), on average your body is going to take longer than the normal expected time to lose pounds post your pregnancy. And yes, this may cause you to lose your motivation. But you’re not alone. Usually, most women are inclined to give up working out and eating healthy within 1-2 months of their commencement.

Possible Solution? It is crucial that you persevere. Instead of frantically obsessing about losing weight, rather focus on being healthy. This will aid you in keeping a check on your sleep, exercise, and diet.

Mystery solved! Now you know the five possible reasons for why you’re stuck with those stubborn post pregnancy pounds. Since the first step of any solution is understanding the problem, we hope you feel somewhat better armed in your fight against fat. But remember not to be too harsh on yourself, and try to strike that holistic balance that targets not only your physical but emotional and mental well-being as well.

Content created and supplied by: Hildaguard (via Opera News )


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