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Size 8 Narrates The Traumatic Experience Of Her Daughter's Birth, And Sacrifices Despite Being Sick.

Its is the joy of every parent to see their children make steps towards their goals. For the Murayas, it was a day to celebrate and remember the hardships and gush About their achievements.

Size 8 was very sick and has been for the past few weeks but the daughter kept insisting on having a graduation party. She had to go out at night and shop for the daughter's graduation party. Size 8 did her best to pull the strings and ensure that her daughter got what she wanted. She promised to smile through the pain and she did throughout the event.

On the day of the actual Event, size 8 went down their memory lane 5 years when Wambui was born.

He pregnancy journey was very painful. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure when she was two months pregnant with Ladasha. She had to move around with the machine on her hand, a condition that got worse until she was bedridden. She was in bed rest until around 5 month when she got abit better.

When Ladasha was born, size 8 lost her mum and couldn't attend her mums burial due to her cs wounds. Size 8 narrated how her daughter was born underweight and the troubles they underwent until now that she a grown girl.

To her, she was celebrating a miracle. Ladasha Belle is her miracle baby and she had to make a big deal out of this graduation.

To her, its the small wins that matters and how they overcame it all and are now seeing wambui as she gets older.

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