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Recommended foods that will boost the immunity of the child within 2 years

  Recommended foods to give your young children

Here are the foods that can help your child fight off disease with more ease:

Nuts: Nuts and dry fruits are a storehouse of essential nutrients and micro nutrients, so do give your child 2-3 almonds, cashew nuts, and other dry fruits, every day. You can either soak them overnight, give them the first thing in the morning or you can grind them into the paste and add into their food. They are also rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help in brain development.

Herbs: One of the best foods to fight the seasonal changes in your child are there on your kitchen itself. Good old herbs like ginger help in fighting and keeping the common cold and coughs at bay. Loaded with antioxidants they not only prepare the body against common viral infections but also work as medicine. Boil in water; strain and give your child a few sips a day during a cold.

Veggies: Now most children are naturally averse to veggies! And every mom is tested on her inventive skills here. Serve veggies in interesting ways like grilled on skewers, vegetable cutlets or sneak in children’s favorite foods such as pasta. You can also serve them raw especially carrots and cucumber - cut in interesting shapes and you will stir your child's interest too.

Fats: Don’t shy away from ghee or any other fat for your little one. Ghee and other fats are essential for absorbing nutrients like Lycopene from tomatoes and beta carotene from orange .Those are foods recommended by the medics and so please try to cater them for the child

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