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All Form One Parents May Pay More Fees as Principals Introduce New Tricks to Milk More Cash

New revelation shows that all parents who will be taking their children in Form One on August 2 may pay more for their children as they join secondary schools despite the Cabinet Secretary of Education Professor George Magoha giving directives to reduce the school fees starting from next term. It has been revealed that school heads are demanding from parents more money than required.

The school principals have allegedly added in the school fees structures extra amount of money raging between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 35,000. The school heads claims that this money is ‘development fees'. However this is applying for those joining Form One. 

The Standard unmasked this new trick that the principals have applied which will milk a lot of money from the parents. The school principals claim that the additional fees were approved by the school boards as a way to generate development revenue for the schools. 

However, it emerges that parents are allegedly required to pay the "development fee" in a different designated school bank accounts and pay the usual fee into the main school account. 

Moreover, after the parents have made the payments, they are needed to present the payment bank slips to the schools or carry the slips during admissions.

However the Permanent Secretary of Education Jwan Julius has termed the act as illegal. The PS says that parents are required to pay money that has only been approved by the ministry of education. PS Jwan Julius added that parents should not pay the said "development fee." He also advised the parents to report the cases without fear.

The Education Permanent Secretary has however cited that the ministry has not given school heads authority to charge extra fees. He added that additional fees for schools must always be verified by the ministry of education. Jwan says that it is illegal for the school principals to jeopardize the government’s bid to cushion parents who are struggling economically by reducing the school fees. 

However some of the principals have revealed that the government do not adequately fund the secondary schools citing that development in schools have been left in the hands of boards of management and parents. This has forced the secretaries of the boards to introduce development fees as the Form Ones join schools. The Principals claim that schools are operating on deficit which has hindered development in the learning institutions.

National Parents Association (NPA) has however warned parents to remain cautious since management in majority of the high schools have hidden agenda to milk money from them. The association requires all parents to reject any demands for extra school fees that the principals may demand from them. Nicholas Maiyo, the chairman of National Parents Association assured parents that no extra fees will be demanded from them citing that additional levies are outlawed.

All parents should however note that they are required to follow the following fees structures to avoid being milked money by the school heads. Additionally, children joining day schools do not pay tuition fee but only buy uniforms and pay for lunch.

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