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After My Husband Died I started Having Morning Sickness & A Big Stomach, It Has Been 17 Yrs Of Pain

Fatma from Tanzania Painfully narrated how she started experiencing pregnancy symptoms and her stomach grew big after her husband died. She thought she was pregnant but 17 years later her stomach is still big and painful.

She married her husband and lived together happily. They were blessed with 3 children together. One day her husband fell sick and was rushed to hospital in a bad condition.

The doctors confirmed him dead on arrival. They buried him but the pain of losing the love of her life was unbearable. One week after they buried him, she started experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

It was strange since she had passed the age of bearing children but she believed God can still make her conceive despite her age. According to her, she had even stopped seeing her menses.

Her stomach grew big and people started congratulating her. After nine months, she went to the hospital due to pain but the doctors confirmed she was not pregnant.

She was referred to another hospital but it was far from her home. She didn't have money to pay the bus fare and pay for her treatment. She stayed at home. Neighbors asked her to visit witch doctors but her problem was not solved.

She has been in that condition for 17 years and it has been a painful experience. She can't be able to work and her children are not well off paying for her medication. She says that she prays that God may take her instead of suffering.


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Big Stomach Fatma Tanzania


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