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Pregnancy period

Vera Sidika On Self-care During Pregnancy and Myths Surrounding It

Vera Sidika is a social figure, an entrepreneur and an expectant mother to a baby girl. Vera is expecting a baby with Brown Mauzo, an artist. The two have been in a relationship and are building a family as it is now. Vera owns one of the most luxurious spa in Nairobi and also has her own branded cosmetics. Ever since she got pregnant, Vera has been engaging fans to talk about their experiences with pregnancy.

She has been educating herself and others through other people's experiences. On one occasion, she had a debate with her fans about the pros and cons of cesarian section and normal birth. After a long interrogation, vera was convinced that CS was the best choice for her. She said she has put a large amount for her operation.

Vera also talked about the importance of scans during pregnancy at least every month. This way, fans advised people that their doctors would detect faults to avoid miscarriages. She also brought up the issue of the white coating that a baby is born with and ruled out the misconception surrounding it.

Vera Sidika has been helping other pregnant women to learn how to take care of themselves and the babies inside them. Fans are very happy that she even got pregnant because it is through her that a lot of things are made clear.

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