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Lying in Children and how to Deal With it as Parents

It is natural for all children to lie at one point or another and when it happens, most parents become so furious and feel offended to the point that you forget to react with your child's interest at heart. At this point in time, you convince yourself that what your child has done is so wrong and unacceptable.

Lying generally begins when the child is 5-6 years old and any lie told before this age is generally assumed to be a way of the child to escape from the truth. Children lie for a number of reasons, for instance, to hide guilt, to avoid punishment, to be praised and get affection and as an act of general hostility.

The first step in teaching a child not to lie is to make the child comfortable enough so that he/she would feel like they don't have to lie. Children are usually hasty to lie because their parents have exposed them to their moral authority to the extend that they get frightened to tell the truth. How do you rectify this? Reassure your children that you are on their side.

When seeking to know what happened when your children are disobedient, tell them to tell you exactly what happened and that you are not going to punish them but rather, you will explain to them how to right that mistake next time. You don't have to always punish your child. It will make him/her afraid of the consequences of saying the truth when they do something wrong hence they'll come up with a habit of lying to avoid it.

Build a good relationship with your child. Sometimes, the reason children lie is because of the general character of our relationship with him. For instance, when a parent expects too high than the child can produce ie school grades. Most parents are also too quick to find fault in their children and assess their failure. Here, the child would come to know that whenever i say the truth, all doesn't go well and the only way to feel loved and cared for is by lying.

No one is born bound to always say the truth nor lie. As parents, it is your duty to help the child say the the truth as frequently as possible by making them comfortable enough with you to the extent that he/she sees no need of lying. Be patient with your children and show them love.

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