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Pregnancy period

Ladies here are signs you are carrying a healthy baby

The goal of any pregnant woman is to have a healthy baby, and some expectant mothers will go to great measures to attain this goal. therefore these are the signs that you are carrying a healthy baby;

1 Movement

The foetus is expected to move at least 10 times a day. This is because they respond to stimuli such as light, music and discomfort. However, you will begin feeling it as the pregnancy progresses and this movement is an indication that your baby is healthy.

2 Heartbeat

Around week 5, you may notice your baby's heartbeat, which can be easily detected with electronic fetal monitoring. You can feel your baby's heartbeat by placing your hand on your belly.

3 Weight gain

Weight gain throughout pregnancy is a sure sign that your kid will be healthy. You could ask your doctor to check your weight on a regular basis and give you an update on whether or not your pregnancy is progressing normally.

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