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Pregnancy period

Is what you are experiencing as a pregnant mother true of false labour symptoms

All pregnant women usually experience some symptoms of labour but the question we need tackle is, how do we know that what we are experiencing at that moment are true or false labour symptoms.

Normal labour can best be described as Physiological process which starts spontaneously at term ( after 37 completed weeks of gestation) with rythmic regular contractions of increasing intensity and frequency resulting to the birth of a healthy fetus. This just being a simple definition to help make you as the pregnant woman understand.

Now that we know what normal labour is, the next thing to understand is how can we differentiate between true labour symptoms and false labour symptoms. In true labour, the following are some of the symptoms a pregnant woman will experience;

1. Contractions are regularly spaced.

2. The interval between contractions gradually shortens.

3. The intensity of contractions gradually increases.

4. The pregnant mother complains of lower back and abdominal pains.

5. Administration of pain relieving medication doesn't do much or nothing at all.

When it now comes to identifying false labour symptoms, it's good to know that they usually are experienced by most women Commonly 2-3 weeks prior to onset of true labour symptoms. The following are some of the false labour symptoms;

1. Contractions are irregularly spaced.

2. Interval between contractions remains long.

3. The intensity of contractions remains the same.

4. The pregnant mother mostly complains of lower abdominal pains.

5. The administration of pain medication usually abolishes the pain.

This being said, it's now good to understand how you are feeling as the pregnant woman and keep watch to know when is the best time to be near a health facility because the baby may be on the way to be born.

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