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Reason Why Babies Cry a lot And Their Remedies

1. Stomach pains-Stomach pains are very common in infants, they can be due to the build-up of gases in their stomach, these gases come along during breastfeeding where they take in a lot of gases. It is always advisable to burp a baby after a feed to reduce this problem.

2. Darkroom - Most infants' eyes are not yet developed fully, therefore, they cannot see anything in a dark or dim room, this makes them afraid and uncomfortable as they become fearful. The remedy is to place a baby in a well-lit room where their eyes can see familiar things.

3. Hunger - When a baby's stomach is empty they can simply start to cry while suckling their fingers, look for these signs as this is their only way of gaining your attention, feed your baby to see if they will stop crying.

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4. Full diaper/napkin- When a napkin or diaper is full, it causes discomfort in infants and sometimes they get irritated with burns. The full diaper can be tighter, heavy, and itchy to babies, always keep checking if the diaper is full after a while and change them to keep them comfortable and healthy.

5. Temperature changes - It is always a discomfort for every human when the weather changes to the extreme. Too much heat or cold can affect your baby. They can easily get irritating heat rush during hot weather and also feel cold or even get sick at cold weathers.

6. Surrounding - A baby's surrounding really matters to them as they are new to everything, some of the places may seem too strange for them while others can be pleasant, ensure that the baby room is well lit and not stuffed with a lot of things around. The Baby's room should be always comprise of brighter colors.

7. Meeting new faces - newborns get used to faces that are frequently around them when they get home from the hospital up to around 3 months, after this period when introduced to new faces the look of these faces may cause them to begin crying. Babies are so accustomed to seeing similar things, so the solution is for a familiar person like their mum to pick them up and soothe them when they start crying.

Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

8. Sleepy - Babies will always start crying or become fussy when they are sleepy, find ways to soothe your baby when these happen, you may rock them, sing lullabies, etc with what suits your baby well.

9. Vaccination - Vaccine injections are always painful to babies, those pain last for 3 to 5 days, it is always advisable to give them painkillers and find other ways to soothe them and make them feel comfortable.

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10. Protection - Sometimes when a baby is left alone for a longer period of time, they may feel lonely, therefore, seek attention through cries. Babies normally feel secure near people, so try to place them where they can see you even when you are working on something else.

11. Strange sounds and noise - Infants are comfortable in silent places or with reduced noise, when they encounter sudden changes in sounds around that are unpleasant to them they get frightened and begin to cry. This can be avoided but with limits since it is not always easy to prevent external noises, just soothe them when such happen.

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