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Miscarriage Hurts: See The Foods You Should Avoid While Pregnant

It is very crucial for a pregnant woman to have a balanced and nutritious diet during pregancy journey. However, they are certain foods that women should avoid to maintain the pregancy till birth.

Some of the side effects of pregnancy are morning sickness, food cravings and nausea.

These are some of the foods you should avoid during pregnancy because they might cause miscarriage;

1. Pineapple 

It contains bromelain which softens cervix and labour contraction starts resulting to a miscarriage. Also, heavy consumption causes alot of bleeding.

2. Aloe vera 

Research shows it has anthraquinones that induces contraction of the uterus and bleeding thus leading to a miscarriage.

3. Fish

It is advisable that pregnant women should avoid fish like shark,marlin and tilefish because they contains mercury which affects baby brain development and nervous system.

4. Processed meat

Foods like sausage, minced meat among others contains bacteria like listeria which can cause problems like miscarriage, stillbirth ans premature delivery. It is advisable to cook meat before consuming.

5. Eggs

They have salmonella bacteria which can result to miscarriage. If it is to be taken, make sure you cook thoroughly.

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