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Easy Ways to Tell if a Child is Yours Without Doing a DNA Test.

In many cases determining whether a child is yours or not without DNA tests is hard. But the need to know the true paternity of a baby has been on the rise deception is at its peak in the modern world. But with advances in technology, news ways of doing almost everything continue to be discovered through research and observation. Many think that only DNA tests can tell the true parents of a baby but there are several other ways to do this that are easy and affordable. They include:

Earlobe and tongue rolling - by merely observing the shape of the ear lobe can be used to estimate paternity. Do research on your earlobes shape then compare it to your child. The shape is determined by genetics. This also applies to tongues, if one can roll their tongue then its highly likely that their children will too and if they can't it's possible they are not their biological child.

Blood type test - Knowing your blood type, that of your partner and the child's will help you determine if the child is yours by doing a simple blood type calculator. This can be done using simple guidelines found on the internet.

Other simpler ways are things like resemblances, check features like nose shape, eyes and even similar behaviors.

These are a few things you can do to determine if a child is yours when you're in doubt. Good luck.

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