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Reasons behind the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in Kenya.

Kenya has faced an influx in teenage pregnancy for the past one year with the numbers being insanely high during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown period. This has drawn a lot of concern all over trying to figure out the cause and how to curb this. Below are some of the reasons.

Lack of information about sex an their reproductive health. Girls in lower grades such as the fourth grade gets pregnant due to lack of the sensitisation required. This is because they have mot reached the grade to learn this and no one talks to them about this. Sex education being a sensitive topic its more likely not to be introduced to the kids by parents, teachers and other older people.

Poverty. Just like any other third world country Kenya has it's own share of frustrations on poor development and poverty. Children at a younger age are forced to work to provide for the family and for their basic needs. Some girls end up being sexually active at a tender age as they are convinced and manipulated to think thats the easy way to make money for their upkeep such as getting food, buying books and sanitary towels. This exposes them to unprotected sex that in turn leads to pregnancy.

Sexual violence. Rape cases are also on the rise. Teens are victims to all this. This gets the teenage girls pregnant also increasing the number. Proper laws and amendments on rape should be put in place to protect them.

Exposure to the internet. Well this exposure has its own pros and cons. It is to be blamed partly for all this. Teens are exposed to harmfully content online such as pornographic and snuff films content. A child exposed to this most likely becomes obssesd with sex and end up engaging in unprotected sex leading yo pregnancy.

Early marriages. This may sound a little awkward now that we are in 2021 and don't expect it to be happening with all this diversity. The bitter truth is that despite all this campaign to save and educate the girl child by banning early forced marriages, some localised communities are still doing it in the dark. Girls are forced out of school to get married and bring wealth to the family through the dowry paid. It's high time we dig deeper into this.

Entertainment. Teens are exposed to toxic forms of entertainment. That is it has adult content and needs parental guidance. That is series and movies that are uncensored. This makes them curious and try what they are watching. Some becomes curious on sex and engage in it and gets pregnant.

Poor access to contraceptives. The health sector is not at perfection in the kenya. Rural places have a shortage in the number of hospitals. This makes it hard for girls to access contraceptives and end up getting unwanted pregnancies.

Permissiveness of the society. The society is also to be blamed for it. The society at times keeps quiet and watch while this happens. Taking care of the children has been left to only the parents alone. When the parent is not watching or the guardian the child is left to go astray. In another case when the parents are dead. The society needs yo style up and take up in this all together. By doing it jointly these girls will be saved from this.

Early relationships. Teenagers get involved in the opposite sex relationships due to peer pressure. This is done done by them in a way to fit in. This makes them get involved in unprotected sex.

The future is girls. We need to face the issue head on and find solutions to all this. It's so disturbing to watch all this happen. Let's all build this country in any possible way that we can.

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