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6 Reasons Why You Should Respect Your Parents

1.They are there for you no matter what.

Parents will always see you through the good and the bad .They will and have always provided a listening ear.When you have done something wrong or you are in trouble they will give you some sound advice.Parents will never leave you alone no matter what happens.

2.They know you better than you know yourself.

Your parent can tell you what you dont know about yourself.They can see the things in you that you are not able to but in telling you you become more self aware.

3.They are usually right.

Parents are always right in what they say or talk to you about.As much as we hate to admit it but 99% of what our parents speak are usually the truth.It's annoying but it will be of your own benefit if you listen and do what they suggest.

4.They are proud of all your achievements.

Your parents will have your first drawing kept somewhere safely and a picture of you holding your masters on the wall.Every parent want the best for their children and they will always congratulate you on every moment of your life.

5.They raised you.

Your parents invested money,time ,love effort and patience in bringing you up straight and healthy.They have made you the person you are today and obviously made many sacrifices in the process.

6.They won't be around forever.

Don't ever take your parents for granted because they won't be with you forever.There is some point in life where your parents would have to go and rest ,so give them the respect they deserve while they are alive . Appreciate every second you spend with them.

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