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" Hizi Ni Filters " Netizens React After Wahu Shared This Throwback Photo

Genes can be transferred from the parent to the offspring when a baby is born. Children can take along the genes of their father or the genes of their mother. Such is the case with the Mathenges' family. Wahu and Nameless have two girl Childs which are unique in different ways.

The two girl child's are Tumi Mathenge and Nyakio Mathenge, since we are discussing about genes, Tumi Mathenge carried with her the genes of her daddy Mathenge alias Nameless on the other side Nyakio carried the genetics of her mommy Wahu.

Today being a Throwback Thursday, wahu Kagwi illustrated of her photo while she was a very little girl, Wahu attested that she took the picture at the famous uhuru Park. Wahu Kagwi 's picture got netizens by Suprise, most netizens did not believe that it was really Wahu, they were of the opinion that Wahu had the resemblance of her small daughter Nyakio. Actually some attested that Wahu had corrupted the photo.

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Hizi Ni Filters Mathenges' Nameless Tumi Mathenge Wahu


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