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Let family issues be handled through positive talks.

The world health organization relates that several health issues have emerged due to family conflicts.They cannot be resolved through treatment or cure.To shed some realities of them ,many families engage themselves in conflicts due to lack of enough resources to curb the challenges that navigate them.

Poverty and lack of employment is the greatest source of conflict of all.Shortage of resources like food for basic use have led to poor relations among family members.Matters arising like wars destroy the unity of families.Parents have developed a habit of taking advantage of their children so that they can get easy time for less budget.They go extreme in drinking alcohol in order to avoid dependency by their children.

In Kenya,several families have broken up due to low rate of discussions on how to handle issues that have embended them.It is proofed that, a good number of parents have got no time for their children so that they can know and understand the issues that are facing them in their day-to-day life.Some lack resources to purchase their basic needs.This tends to push them towards engaging in immoral acts like prostitution.Infection of sexually transmitted infections becomes the only option before them.

The conflicts continue to worsen when parents express their issues In front of their children.Breakup of respect between children and parents comes out again.Lack of respect before children leads to development of low self-esteem.This results to poor performance in school and even involvement in drug abuse.Children do much expect parents to be good role model in order to avoid things from falling apart.

It is through family discussions that conflicts can be handled.Children can have the potential and capability of expressing the issues that are affecting them in the progress of their life.Parents should also involve their children in different responsibilities.They will be entailed towards performing it even more better.When their rights are violated then their dreams are also nullified.To end such battle more need to be done by parents.

Children have also much contributed to family conflicts.This is due to lack of understanding between them and parents.When parents have not met their demands,children are prone towards embracing them.This makes parents to develop health problems like stress and ulcers.Children need to understand that parents at times do face shortage of resources.Therefore,they should cope with the situation they find themselves in.

According to the world health organization (WHO) over seventy percent of children have commited suicide due to unfulfilled demands that they expect.This gives the government and the ministry of education a huge reason for grabbing a responsibility in giving out guidance and counseling to children when they are in school.When perfectly advice they cannot make wants decisions.Parents therefore need to take most of their time in advising their children on the expectations of life.

Through the society,parents need to show up good examples so that the society can have a privilege to verdict the legal influence towards family strength.The action of parents towards responsibilities can greatly do away with family conflict at large.

By Vincent Moses.

Content created and supplied by: KUZANEWSTV (via Opera News )



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