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Mum Rants After 7-Year Old Son Allegedly Wants Baby Sister Gift On His Birthday

A mom shared her frustrations on Facebook after her seven year old son continued to stress her over something that she said he has no idea about.The mom is a journalist and writes for the Nairobian Magazine in Kenya.

The mom narrated through her facebook page that the son known as Ethan, has a classmate known as Ozil whom he refers to as hommie and has a beatiful little sister in their school known as Dannielle.They always go together to check on Ozil's little sister who is in Pp1 class.The son always keeps on talking about his friends little sister.

Yesterday Ethan and his classmates went for an educational show and when she went to pick him,Ethan introduced his friend and little sister to her.The mom exchanged pleasantries with them together with her son's freinds and they went home.

"Today they had a trip, not trip per se, but an educational show at the Jamhuri Grounds. They've come in late and parents had to pick their kids from school in the evening. I've had the chance to meet Ozil and his beautiful Danielle sister, plus their gorgeous mom.We say hi and exchange some pleasantries.So we're back in the house,"narrated the mom.

The mom sent the son to bath upon reachimg home where he reminded her if she had seen Dannielle,her friends' sister.The son pestered her mom with questions why he did not have a baby sister like Ozil.He went on to say that he should have a small sister like Ozil.

The mom assured her son that she would get him a baby sister and he should continue to bath.The son stressed that they should get the baby sister next month or in December during his birthday and she should be named Tatiana.

" Next month ma? Next month? Ama in December on my birthday? I told you about her name. Tiana. That's Tatiana, mum. She'll be beautiful like Dannielle." Ethan said.

The mom jokingly lamented on Facebook that she should be recsued from her own child and now wants to move out due to the constant nags by her son Ethan.

"People, I need to be rescued. From my own child. I want to move out of this house that I pay rent with my money. This dude, his constant nags about this Tatiana issue is now going overboard. This one thinks babies are planted and plucked from trees like mangoes?" lamented the mom.

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