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How having a baby affects the life of a man

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Having a child affects the lives of both the parents in different ways. Allow me tackle how it changes the life of a man, I am not a man neither am I an expert at this but I talk to the big baby ones in a while to know what has changed and I also talk to other new dads.

The very first thing having a child gives you a sense of responsibility , one you did not know you had in you because now you have not only one but two whole humans depending on you. The big baby always calls us 'dependants'. You get to be financially discipline, you have to budget and plan. You have to save for school, medical bills, emergency trust funds and so much more. You get to be more financially intelligent and start investments because there is a whole generation looking up to you.

Having a child also changes your social life as a man. You find yourself interacting more with other family men. If you were the life of the party , that side of your life slowly shutters down till it eventually dies. You cannot seriously be going clubbing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because, when will you spend time with your family to bond and your more focused on money coming in than the one going out.

You also become more spiritual, atleast for the big baby he became more close to God because he now realised that God is the giver and taker of life and he wants God to protect his child, the mother of his child and even him.

You experience sleep deprivation, because the baby keeps you awake crying a lot but you will eventually sleep. Most men just resume their sleep while the women wakes up for night feeds and diaper changes. Finally you experience emotions you have never experienced, you experience joy, happiness, excited and so much more.

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