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Wahu's Daughter Tumiso Angered By People Who Think She Doesn't Go To School, Says She's Homeschooled

Homeschooling is a popular concept worldwide whereby parents choose to personally educate their children at home, instead of the common way of enrolling them in either public or private schools.

They may choose to do this due to various reasons including them being dissatisfied with the current educational options available and also maybe the belief that their children are not progressing in the common mode of schooling.

Even though the homeschooling method is arguably not so popular in Kenya unlike in other countries in Europe and America, it is gradually embraced currently with celebrity couple Wahu Kagwi and David Mathenge alias Nameless having done so for their children.

Photo; Wahu Kagwi with her husband Nameless and their two daughters.

The couple is blessed with two beautiful girls namely Tumiso Mathenge and Nyakio Mathenge and it's the former who disclosed about her homeschooling life in some posts online.

Photo; Wahu Kagwi and her daughter Tumiso Mathenge.

Taking to her Instagram account, Tumiso revealed this in a question and answer segment on her Instagram account whereby she opened a forum for her fans to ask her anything on her insta stories.

And when some fans asked why she allegedly never seemed to attend school presumably due to her social media platforms being active all the time, she disclosed that she isn't enrolled in the traditional schooling structure.

Angered by how her fans thought that she doesn't go to school, the 14-year-old disclosed that she left the traditional structure a while back, and would have been doing her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) this year.

Tumiso Mathenge also disclosed that she is currently a year ahead i.e she is in year 9 instead of class 8 and that she is currently being taught 5 subjects by her celebrity parents.

These are Biology, Chemistry, Physics Mathematics and English which goes hand in hand with the traditional schooling method if she had been enrolled in form 1.

Even though it's not clear when the 14-year- old exactly began being homeschooled, it can be assumed that it's sometime last year if Wahu Kagwi's post online is anything to go by.

Earlier on August 2020, the 'Sweet Love' hit maker took to her Facebook account to ask for advice online from her fans with the way to go about homeschooling.

From her post it can also be assumed that one of the reasons why the mother of two opted for the homeschooling method is because of the COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged many sectors of the economy including the Education Sector last year.

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