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Parents Share Different CBC Projects They Are Doing With Their Children

Competency Based Curriculum is an education system that has led to cooperation between teachers, children and parents.

Ndungu Nyoro posed a question to his followers with an aim of sharing different projects parents are doing with their children.


Some parents shared pictures of the projects they have done with their children. Some claimed that they are modelling heart, practicing folk songs, singing patriotic songs, making ropes, doll, traditional drum among others.

Sincerely, some parents expressed their feelings towards CBC claiming that it is exciting as it has reminded parents on their responsibility. Before CBC, most of them had delegated duties to teachers.

Screenshots of some of the comments

On my opinion, I think CBC is very engaging and it helps us gauge abilities of our children.

What is your view concerning CBC? Is it interesting or tiresome? Is it a good contributor to parent's realization of their responsibilities? Feel free to drop your comment.

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CBC Competency Based Curriculum Ndungu Nyoro


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