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Size 8 Narrates On How She Was Almost Loosing Her 2nd Born During Birth

Newborns are like God's gifts from heaven. They come to unite families which are broken or sometimes makes a family happy and complete.

Size 8 is blessed with two beautiful children. Ladesha and Junior. She has been narrating how her child the second-born on how he almost died because of being born with complications. After which he was saved and now he is all grown up almost 2 years of age.

Size 8 released a song to praise God for giving her a son who have been alive till now. " Mungu umetenda make huyu alikuwa @muraya.jnr 1st day in hospital in the ICU I almost lost him the 3rd-night doctors surrounded him trying to save his life and Jesus Christ alive in me did a miracle and my son didn't die. You see me always praising God for he has done beyond imaginations. I am nothing without God. Never give up on God no matter how hard your situation is. I testify about God daily. Bow down and worship Yahweh," she testified.

She is such a very strong woman and determined to be with God and her family as one. Even when she knows that her husband is cheating on her she stills bow down in prayers to ask God to guide her. Her life during caring for the children it has not been nice either.

But God is always good to everyone and takes care of his own sheep's. If He took care of Size 8 and her family then He can take care of anyone else just believe.

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