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Pregnancy period

How to plan to conceive


Simple ways to plan for a pregnancy to have healthy babies free of malformations and disabilities.

1. Check Hb.

Before you plan to conceive you must have enough blood. This means proper circulation of oxygen and enough blood to body parts.

Anaemia in pregnancy can cause miscarriages, small unhealthy babies, or babies with no brain (anecephaly) or babies with spine issues=disabled baby who can’t walk.

This oxygen and blood count is vital.

2. No alcohol.

Check that you have abstained from alcohol fully and able to take healthy drinks as smoothies , fresh juice, etc.

3. No stress.

Stress can impose the pregnancy and cause blood pressure which is fatal to both you and the baby.

4. Present faithful partner.

Ttc sex ie sex when trying to cincive should happen once every day. Unless you have a good fertility you can track sex to ovulation day.

5. No underlying infection.

At the time of ttc you should not be under any medication such as cancer treatment, malaria treatment, pelvic infections treatment. Because medicines act as teratogens and we might end up with babies who have no face, no legs, no hands etc.

Remember its God who gives.

Stay patient.

If you are looking for supplements to be keeping you healthy naturally without overstimulating your ovaries, consider

i) Immunace supplements.

ii) Pregnacare supplements.

iii) Folic tablets.

iv) Calcium supplements.

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