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Meet the World Largest Family of over 181 Members

Have you ever thought of how it would be have tens of siblings? Well, one family in India holds the record for the world's largest family.

The world's largest family is said to be from Baktwang, India, where father Ziona Chana has 94 children born to 39 wives. He has 14 daughters-in-law , 33 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. The total number of family members stands at 181 and still counting

Ziona Chana was born on 21 July 1945. He's the leader of Chana páwl, which is a Christian sect formed in 1942.

Ziona married his first wife Zathiangi at 17 who is older to him by three years. Zathiangi is responsible for controlling the activities of the entire family with strict rules and discipline.

In order to accommodate his whole family, Ziona had to built a four-storied mansion that resembles a boarding house. It is the work of the wives to cook while the daughters take care of the cleaning and washing.

Older wives who are over 40 years live in the dormitories on first floor, while younger wives reside on the ground floor.

The entire family is self reliant. It grows it's own crops for food. For education, Ziona has built a school for his children which adheres to government guidelines but does not seek government help. His younger brother is responsible for the running of the school.

Ziona has named all his children and grandchildren and remembers all their names.

At 75 years of age, his family still grows.

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