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Why Kenyan parents fear CBC

Many Kenyan parents have numerous complaints about the new change in curriculum. Their complaints majorly border on the issues that the assignment given to their children is abnormal. For example, teach your child how to ride a horse. Their assignment needs the parent to play the role of actually being with the kids every step of the way.

To paint a picture for you, there are two major education systems in Kenya, The British system IGSCE and The previous Kenyan system 8- 4-4. The latter is the least inclusive of parents. They play the primary role of paying school fees and providing for what the children need.

Kenyan parents are fond of " dumping" their children in schools. They leave the teachers to be the first parents of the children. This hasn't clearly turned out well with many parents realising their children are very indisciplined quite late . Parents become like the proverbial ostrich burying their head in the sand instead of taking the bull by its horns. They try to correct bad behavior too late.

CBC is making parents to be present for their children every step of the way. Kenyan parents are so used to paying fees, abandoning the role of parenthood to teachers then miraculously waiting for children to turn out spotless. To make matters worse, they confine them in boarding school at a young age in the performing schools so they can attain good grades and go to national schools. Even parents measure their children by academic prowess which is uncalled for since every child is unique in their own way with their talents and abilities.

It is high time parents play their parenting roles fully and to the latter. CBC may be a way of bringing parents closer to their children if implemented correctly. To an inspired parenthood and probably a better generation of millennials.

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