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Meet The Woman Who Lost Babies 3 Times At Birth And Eventually Gave Birth To Children Without Eyes

In the image and likeness of God, we are all created and wonderfully created in His eyes. Today I am bringing you a painful story of Luis and Vales, two sisters who were born without eyes

The parents tried to take her to the hospital, but all this was in vain, according to an interview by Afrimax TV. Before she gave birth to them, the mom said she was a lot through.

She was pregnant once and the baby died when the time came to give birth. The child was buried and they returned home. She was again pregnant after some time but this time she took such care. The baby died again, regrettably. That was disastrous.

However, while she was born, her third baby died also. But she bore a blind child who had no eyes the fourth time. But despite the condition, they chose to love their daughter

They had a baby, which was a boy but also didn't have eyes. Their children have been accepted and praised. And this's how she makes friends, Luis can sing very well.

But Vales is more complicated because he can't hear, see and discuss. On himself, he urinates. Although Luis is without eyes, he tries to help. Sadly, she started bleeding and since that time has never stopped

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Afrimax TV. Luis Vales


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