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Common Money Mistakes That Parents Make And How to Avoid Them

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Raising children is not a walk in the park, any parent would attest to that. Managing a family's needs and wants with factors such as savings, pension, and budget can really be challenging. 

Wanting Your Children to Have What Others Have

Many parents want nothing but the best for their children. Attempting to fulfill your children's every single desire might lead to a financial disaster.

Not Setting Up an Emergency Fund

 Many parents do not appropriately prioritize their personal savings. This often leads to major money mistakes which many only realize after a crisis. Parents should aim at building an emergency fund  to handle medical bills in an emergent situation, loss of income, emergency trips, or emergency repairs.

You can correct this money mistake by including an emergency fund in your monthly budget. It doesn't even have to be a significant sum of money every month. You can start with as little as you and within no time, your emergency savings will be in good shape.

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Not Teaching Your Children About Money

Many parents rarely sit down with their children and discuss the fundamentals of personal finance. Who will teach your children about saving, spending, budgeting, and responsible use of credit cards if you don't?

Teaching your children about financial literacy is as important as teaching them how to read, and write. Parents who do not devote time to their children's financial education may face major consequences in the future. This will help them to learn how to save and attain their financial goals. 

Using Your Children as an Excuse for Inflation in Your Lifestyle

Children should not be used as an excuse for living in extravagance. Some parents, having kids would be an excuse to rent or buy a house that they can't afford comfortably.  

Some parents may also choose to send their children to expensive private schools under the impression of giving them superior education when their income does not allow this while there are reasonably-priced alternatives.  

There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying to provide your children with the best schooling and childhood experiences. The problem comes in when you push yourself beyond your financial limits, leaving you with little to save and invest for your future or retirement.

Giving Your Children Too Much Financial Support

Assisting your older children in getting on their feet is not a bad thing especially if they are just getting started out in life. 

As a parent, resist the temptation to always fix every one of your children's money problems as it could also land you in financial trouble and may not exactly help them become less dependent on you.

Not Collaborating With Your Spouse in Managing Your Finances

This is another major money mistake that most parents make. Failing to work on your finances together as a couple may bring more harm than good to your finances. 

While having one partner who is disciplined with their finances and another who isn't, could be a challenge, what's even worse is keeping your spouse in the shadows about finances or any purchases that you make. 

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